Caprice Capital Partners is thrilled to support the expansion of Dreamliner Luxury Coaches and its continued partnership with founder and operator, Jeremy Maul.

Today, Dreamliner establishes an east coast hub in Nashville and doubles its fleet with the acquisition of Diamond Coach Leasing. Boasting a combined fleet of almost 75 coaches and an east coast operation, Dreamliner marks another milestone toward becoming the go-to national transportation provider for A-List artists seeking the comfort of luxury travel and attention to detail amongst a hectic touring schedule.

Dreamliner provides luxury coach transportation to rock, pop, and hip-hop musicians throughout the country. Clients include Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Halsey, Rod Stewart, Pearl Jam, Doja Cat, and many more.

This acquisition marks Caprice’s second transaction with the Dreamliner team since the partnership began in October 2020 during the height of Covid. At that time, the outlook was far more uncertain, and the coach industry was suffering from excess capacity, low utilization rates, and a lack of access to capital.

Jeremy and Caprice viewed the market dislocation as both temporary and a potentially great opportunity. Jeremy formed Dreamliner and Caprice provided an $11.5 million senior secured term loan to finance the acquisition of 12 coaches and to support ongoing working capital needs. The term loan was highly structured to allow Dreamliner the operational flexibility necessary to navigate any unforeseen challenges and still deliver the luxury experience its clients expected.

Since then, the Dreamliner team has executed its operational plan and organic growth initiatives. Dreamliner is well capitalized and positioned to continue to take advantage of improving utilization rates and its next phase of growth.

Effective for today’s acquisition, Caprice has invested over $50.0 million since partnering with the Dreamliner team in 2020.

“Caprice prides itself on its true partnership with founders and entrepreneurs through thick and thin. Today’s achievement is a testament to the mutual respect and trust between Caprice and its valued customers.” says Rich Thomson, Managing Partner at Caprice Capital Partners.

The purchase allows Dreamliner to have coast-to-coast nationwide coverage. “It’s a big deal for us just having an East Coast location,” says Maul. “Being able to expand our footprint, as well as our fleet, was something we have been looking at over the past year. Kylee Ervin and the rest of the Diamond team have been a staple in the music scene for 20 years, and it’s the perfect acquisition for our brand.”

Dreamliner is redefining the art of luxury travel with a more elevated experience with each unit costing up to $1.0 million. “We’re not as big as some competitors, but we offer a boutique experience,” Maul explains. “We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail. That’s the Dreamliner difference.”

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