Caprice Capital Partners, LLC underwrote, agented, and served as the sole lender for the upsize of its existing credit facility with X Border Holdings, LLC (“XB Fulfillment” or the “Company”). The follow-on investment will provide growth capital for the Company to execute its expansion strategy.  

Peter Resnick, XB Fulfillment’s Co-Founder and CFO commented: “Caprice has been a valuable strategic partner and provided the flexibility to help finance our growing business.” 

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in San Diego, California, XB Fulfillment is an innovative eCommerce logistics platform that provides fast-growing U.S.-based eCommerce and omnichannel brands with bespoke fulfillment and value-added warehousing services. Through a consultative approach, the Company enabled its customers to deliver over 22 million orders to their U.S. consumers in 2022, providing not only best-in-class fulfillment services and KPIs but the benefits of Section 321 duty savings and virtually unlimited low-cost labor through its four state-of-the-art fulfillment centers in Mexico. 

Rich Thomson, Founder of Caprice commented: “XB is a great case study for Caprice’s growth capital investment thesis of partnering with founder-owned businesses. The Company has nearly tripled in size from our initial growth capital investment in January 2021 and we’re excited about the Company’s next stage of growth as it expands its capacity by approximately 60% and broadens its geographical presence.” 

Robert Choi, Vice President at Caprice, added “We’re excited to partner with XB’s management team who has demonstrated a strong track record and has grown the Company to become a market leader.”  

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